Parlette Software

Software developed by the Parlette family

Here are some apps and games developed by the Parlette Software team.


TrackYourStrength helps you track your workouts and analyze stats about those workouts.

Always Tell Me The Odds

Survive your trip to the moon with your crew! Written in Godot for Github Game Off 2020

  • Available to play in-browser on
  • Source code available on Github


Deliver bread as fast as possible! Written in Godot for Godot Wild Jam 26

  • Available to play in-browser on


Trichromancy is a deckbuilding game where each of your characters has their own deck. Your deck consists of cards that can generate mana and cards that can use the mana for dealing damage. Mana that is generated can be used by anyone, even the enemies! You'll need to balance generation of lots of mana in order for you to use big attacks without allowing your enemies to cast big attacks on you with the mana you make.

  • Available to play in-browser on

Cosmic Trading Crew

Cosmic Trading Crew is a space trading game where you travel the galaxy with your crew. While you can play the game solo, the intention is to have a "captain" (an adult) with up to 2 crew members (usually kids). Throughout your travels, you will encounter minigames that work best when you work together with your crew to complete the minigames.

  • Available for Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux on